Workplace Experience is the next big thing our customers are working to fix. Why? The opportunity to optimize company assets including real estate and amenities is massive, but more importantly, there is a war for talent. Employees today expect more from their workplace and digital tools are one way we are streamlining the way people interact with people and space.


At Beco, our customers often ask about the first step. “It sounds like there are a lot of use cases you can help us with, but how can we start capturing utilization data right now?”  Enter Beco Spaces. Beco Spaces is a free App that can be distributed to employees and activated with a one time access code (without requiring the creation of user accounts).

Using Spaces, employees can share feedback about the physical spaces where Beco is deployed, while at the same time capturing the richest and yet fully anonymized workplace utilization data available today (even when the App is not in use).

Watch how it works:

Beco Spaces


First, enter a room (in the example above, the Pelican meeting room). Next open the Beco Spaces App — your location in the room will automatically be displayed. From there, employees can provide feedback about the space directly to your FM team or community manager.

Get in touch for more information to learn how Beco Spaces can be up and running in your building in a few hours, with actionable space utilization data within your first 30 days.