Most commercial buildings are covered with glass windows… but they couldn’t be more opaque. Our vision at Beco is make architecture transparent, revealing use patterns and dynamics in real time. We have created an entirely new data stream, one that will allow you to understand and optimize building operations and increase quality of life for occupants.

Spatial data can answer powerful questions about your commercial real estate:

• How does your workforce actually work?
• Do you have the right amount of space, and the right kind of space?
• Is collaboration happening? Between what groups and how often?
• How does physical space impact employee happiness, creativity, and quality of life?
• Are amenities used, and can they be improved

You understand that potential – that’s why you’re reading this – but the fact is that we’re not all data scientists. For Beco data to be relevant, it also has to be simple and compelling to interact with.

With that goal in mind, our focus for the past few months has been to create a powerful suite of dashboards. These are your window into building analytics.

The web-based tool runs on Beco cloud services, where a set of proprietary algorithms process millions of datapoints and turn them into usable information. The dashboard sits in front of that engine, giving our clients a simple, streamlined tool to visualize and crosscut spatial data. In seconds, you can draw insights about your building, in detail down to a single room.

This is made possible by the light-harvesting Beco Beacon and the integrated big data stream on Beco Cloud Services. Beco technology is seamlessly integrated, to the point that you don’t need to go through a technical setup or maintenance process – data flows immediately when the Beco Beacon is clipped to a light and activated.

Interested in understanding your building? Contact us for a test drive. You’ll be up and running in a few minutes.