Beco is located in Boston in one of the hottest innovation ecosystems on the planet. We’re working with partners and clients around the world, but it’s easy to forget that we’re surrounded by technologists, researchers and entrepreneurs. What better place to test Beco technology than MIT?

Building on our recent presentations and showcases at the Media Lab and in the School of Architecture, we put together an ongoing demo in one of the research labs. One of the key insights from Beco’s data stream is co-location and collaboration. We can learn a lot from the cramped hallways and labs of MIT, one of the most innovative places on the planet. We are hoping to better understand how people move, collaborate and work together – with potential applications across workforce management, office space, and co-working.

That’s the big picture, anyways. Beco technology is now in the hands of brilliant computer scientists, designers, and engineers – and we’re excited to see what might emerge. But first, we filmed a quick iPhone video to test the spatial accuracy in a small part of our demo. Take a look at the footage above to get a peek into a research lab at MIT!