“Where’s my social media guy?”

“Can we book a few extra minutes in this conference room to finish up our meeting?”

“Patch Craig Johnson in to the conference call”

“Is meeting room Einstein free right now?”

What if interacting with your office building were as easy as speaking your mind?

… we’ve found a way to make that happen. Beco is partnering with Amazon’s innovative Alexa system to deliver voice-activated, hyper-location services, specifically focusing on office environments.

We put together an initial demo as a proof-of-concept, using the Beco beacons we already have deployed around our office building.

To test the setup, we played a game of ‘Hide-and-Go-CEO’ – we sent our CEO on a wild course around the building before tentatively asking our Echo unit: “Hey Alexa, Ask Beco, where’s Tom?”

… and she promptly replied, “Tom is in the kitchen, he is on his way to Galileo for a meeting on the sixteenth floor”


Over the past few days, a couple of our team members have been tweaking the setup, and we’re excited to release a full Beco-Alexa integration in the future. But for now, enjoy this quick video of Alexa finding our CEO in real-time.

If you could talk to your office building, what would you say?