real-world data.
real simple.

A new class of location analytics powered by light

real-world insights for physical spaces

We bring buildings online
We bring buildings online. With a simple network of sensors and cloud-based analytics, Beco plugs into your mobile application to connect physical actions to digital outcomes.

we've created an entirely new data stream

  • locate

    real-time search for people and status of places.

  • measure

    uncover insights about interactions in physical space.

  • engage

    digitally engage users based on their hyper-location data.

real-time and long-term

more than a dot on a map

Unlocking value in physical spaces

Unlocking value in physical spaces. Beco cloud-services are constantly aggregating, cleaning and processing location data, to generate valuable and actionable insights.

This data can reveal the dynamics of human behavior and interactions in physical space, enabling workforce management, location-based customer engagement or real-time building optimization.

We bring buildings online

  • Retail Stores

    On-demand and engaging retail stores driven by real-time shopper and employee data.

    • measure store activity, workforce, and shopper intent with the same detail that we measure websites.

    • engage shoppers and reduce friction for better in-store experiences.

    • sell more with better merchandising and execution. Not another offer engine.

  • Office /

    Productive and enriching offices through understanding workforce collaboration and behavior.

    • measure workforce activity, collaboration and use of physical space.

    • create work environments that boost productivity and enrich the work experience.

    • optimize floor plans and reduce overall real estate footprint.

  • Industrial

    Efficient and safe industrial facilities enabled by real-time location, compliance and tasking.

    • enable workers in large facilities with indoor navigation, tasking, and enhanced communication.

    • locate members of your workforce in real-time.

    • enhance processes, like order picking systems, through location awareness of workers.

Beco is powered by light, activated by mobile

Battery-Free Sensor

battery-free sensor

The Beco Beacon is the world's first light-harvesting, battery-free beacon. Clip onto your existing light fixtures and be up and running within minutes. No wires, no maintenance, no hassle.

iBeacon & Eddystone Logos Compatible with iBeacon
and Eddystone Standards
No Battery. No Sockets. No Maintenance.
Battery-Free Sensor

data analytics for buildings

The Beco Cloud delivers secure, real-time location analytics while harvesting millions of hyper-local data points down to the granularity of a single user, single room.

Unlike conventional sensor networks, Beco's patented system uses mobile phones as both the sensor and internet gateway, eliminating the need for complex integration and costly hard-wiring.

get up and running in three easy steps

Clip Beco sensors onto existing
light fixtures (clips provided).
Beco setup diagram part 1

Load the Beco mobile SDK into your company's smartphone App to enable:

  • Indoor Positioning
  • Real-Time Interactions
  • Activity Monitoring

Compatible with iOS & Android

Beco setup diagram part 2

Stream hyper-local insights about people and places

Location Data

Search for people & available spaces in real-time.


Gain insights about your operation and use of space.

patented / patents-pending

scale up

Start small and build as you go, without the need for costly IT integration.

From a single room, to a building, campus or global network, Beco works across all scales.

it's never been this easy to get real-world data.

Beco is shipping today. Contact us for a test drive.

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